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My Firefox chrome (the menus and such) is set up like this: My the book mark items that are normally on the Bookmark bar are moved to be next to the File/Edit menus. The bookmark bar is hidden. I also have removed the search bar, since I used smart keywords.

About half the time I open a new window, or restart Firefox, the book marks are gone, and the search bar comes back next to the address bar.

I am currently running Firefox 3.5.4 on Ubuntu 9.10, but I have seen this behavior in the past on Firefox 3.0 and Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04.

This is a long time problem, that I cam quite frustrated with.

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Did you check for permissions on where firefox is storing your profile?

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I have not explcitly checked this, but I am pretty sure it is not the problem. The rest of the profile works (theme, extensions, home pages, most of the chrome) just these few things change back. – Mike Cooper Nov 7 '09 at 22:41
Have you tried creating another profile and check if it works as intended? Perhaps some files in the profile are corrupted and firefox use default options. – LaughingMan Nov 7 '09 at 23:14

You should try to check / edit / delete the user.js file, see this article:

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As quick workaround, backup your profile with this addon:

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