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Possible Duplicate:
Make my IP address appear to be from another country

People outside of the USA have a rought time seeing hulu or some youtube videos. What proxies to do you use to see these kind of blocked sites?

Moderator Note: does not endorse or defend any activity which may be used to circumvent local/state/national laws.

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A little birdie once told me, I quote:

Get a web host that gives you your own Unix shell account such as Dreamhost and create a SSH tunnel at your terminal like so:

ssh -D 1123

What that achieves is that you'll be directing everything through your US-based hosting provider and appear to have a US based IP address. It works great when I'm not in the States and still want to access the US iTunes Store and Youtube. I guess Hulu will be fooled too. :-)

Dreamhost doesn't seem to get upset when you redirect stuff through their server, but I guess if you use too much bandwidth, they'll get pissed and send you an angry letter. But it hasn't happened yet...

Now set localhost, port 1123 (or any other port you specified earlier) as your proxy in your network/browser settings and you are good to go. This is easier if you have a Unix-based OS like OS X or Linux.

Otherwise, for Windows, you'll need to configure SSH tunneling using putty.

Disclaimer: You probably be breaking the Digital Millennium Act. Everything that has been said is for educational purposes only. So be warned. ;-)

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You can try through a VPN service. Here's a list.

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I am quite sure that is against the Hulu (or Youtube) ToS. I am assuming that you are inside USA but for some reasons these websites do not locate you properly ;)

If you have your own server within USA, you can always set up a SSH tunnel and use that as a 'proxy'. You have to have a fast internet connection (on both ends) for this to work because running everything through a tunnel will slow everything down. See guides on how to get it to work for Windows with Putty (guide is for Mozilla, although it isnt too hard to adapt it for newer browsers).

For Linux/Mac OS X systems, just run ssh -D 9091 in Terminal, remembering to replace user and with the correct details for your server. Then just set localhost as the proxy (SOCKS) server and 9091 as the port. If it does not allow you to specify a port, try localhost:9091.

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You assume correctly Josh =) Thanks for the answer. – Artur Carvalho Jul 17 '09 at 7:10

Use Tor and define your exit point as a location in the US.

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Tor is way too slow for watching video in my experience. – KovBal Jul 17 '09 at 8:45
+1 because I don't think this answer, while wrong deserves a neg 1. – Sam152 Jul 17 '09 at 10:26

It used to be possible to use Hotspot Shield, however after a lot of people outside the USA trying it, they also blocked anomynous proxies.

alt text

Have patience and they will find a new way to enable it! However enabling it of course is not very legal!

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