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What are the equivalent yum commands of the following MacPorts port commands?

  • search
  • self-update
  • installed (list)
  • outdated (list)

Are some things completely different from MacPorts?

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I wonder if I mentioned that I need this knowledge to manage a pair of CentOS servers, the question would not have been migrated. Not that I care. – kch Nov 8 '09 at 16:51
You're lucky it didn't get deleted for having "can haz" in the title. Very unprofessional. – Chris S Mar 24 '11 at 16:48

For the specific commands you listed (in order)....

  • yum search
  • yum upgrade yum
  • yum list installed
  • yum list updates or yum check-update

For any others, I would recommend reading the man page. It is very well written, and contains a lot more information.

The biggest differences you will probably notice are:

  1. Installs will happen much faster since the packages do not have to be compiled
  2. You will be presented a list of every package that will be installed (including dependencies) for review before the install actually happens.
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