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So I have this problem that I have a 64 bit based processor and 4gb ram, so theoretically I am supposed to use a 64 bit based system because otherwise I loose 1 gb ram and stability, and I really need that extra gig of ram, I do a lot of things at once. The problem is that when I migrated from Windows 8 x86, to Windows 8 x64 the audio stopped working, I will explain what I mean by that later. When I am using Windows 8 x86 I don't have to install anything or something like that, just pure Windows install and everything is set up and ready to go, the audio too, it just simply works.

But when I migrated to Windows 8 x64 I went through that nightmare of installing the drivers, doing everything I could find on the net, and yet not succeeded to get my audio working on that 64 bit version of system.

And what do I mean it doesn't work? When you open the mixer you can see a green line going up and down, but you don't hear anything, I mean totally anything. When that happened I went of course to installing drivers provided by manufacturer, for my luck I've found drivers for Windows 8 x64, isn't that wonderful I thought... Well I installed it and let's make a long story short, after installing the drivers my audio still didn't worked, I could still see the green line going up and down, indicating that there is some sound to output but I couldn't hear anything. Instead there happened something strange, my speakers started playing sound from my microphone!! I felt relieved that my speakers were not broken, but really? What the hell Microsoft and Realtek...

Not making this story any longer, I am providing info about drivers used by me and my audio card, and tell you what my question is. Is there any way to "borrow" that compatibility from Windows x86 to make my audio work on Windows x64? If not, is there any other way to make it work on x64 systems? I would say, be creative as strange problems require strange solutions.

PS. On Windows 8 x32 I am just using the drivers provided my Microsoft, everything works wonderfully.

Specifications card

What have I tried?

  1. Fixing the problem with the Microsoft's audio fix tool, it indicated that there was something wrong with the speakers and that audio was disabled (but that was a wrong alarm, audio was working all the time...), it has turned it on, but did not helped.
  2. Looking for some options on audio in the bios, but found nothing.
  3. Testing other OS'es x64 based, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, did not worked also.
  4. Within the device manager, disabling the audio drivers and letting Windows install it from scratch.
  5. Within the device manager, uninstalling all audio drivers and installing fresh new from the manufacturer.
  6. Playing with the audio card settings, tried every possible option set. Disabling, enabling no result.
  7. Putting laptop to sleep, and turning it again on.
  8. Playing with the headphones, plugging in, plugging out...
  9. Restarting Windows multiple times.
  10. Trying out all previous driver versions from Realtek.
  11. and possibly tried many more things, I could not remember...
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