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I was trying to obtain the result of a formula that is inside of another formula.

|    A    |    B       |    C    |   D   |    E   |
| Option1 | D2-(D2*10%)|         |  10   | Result |
| Option2 | D2-(D2*5%) |         |  14   | Result |
| Option3 | etc etc etc|         |  12   | Result |

Column C is a list of values (values from column A) and depending the option chosen it will print the result in column E. I was doing this with a if statement with allot of conditions if i have allot of options it will not be enough space to write down all the conditions. I did try already to use in column E something like this: =VLOOKUP(C2;A2:B3;2;FALSE) =INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(C2;A2:B3;2;FALSE))

or i did try to use the INDIRECT in the column B...

Any idea how can i do this to avoid huge if statements ?

Thanks in advance

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