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I just upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

While I was using Windows 8, everything seemed to work fine. When I upgraded to Windows 8.1, I realized that I cannot send files through bluetooth.

I still have the bluetooth icon on my Notification Area but upon trying to search for activated bluetooths in range, I cannot find any. Also, upon checking the Task Manager, my bluetooth is "not connected" but it was enabled and updated in the Device Manager.

When choosing the Devices part of the Settings, all I can see are my wireless network and my usb mouse. I tried to search for other "devices" but it returns to my computer with the label "Digital Media Player".

How do I fix this?

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Search 'fsquirt' at the Start Screen, and then if you wanna send a file just choose 'send files', if you wanna recieve files, just choose 'Recieve Files'

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I mean, no, it doesn't work. When sending files it displays 'This folder is empty' and it doesn't have anything like choose folders or what. how to work this out? –  coding.bird Jan 8 at 14:58

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