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In my home I have two computers, one running on Windows 7 and the other one is on Windows 8. I am able to connect my office computer using the Windows 7 computer. But I am unable to connect using my Windows 8 computer.

I am able to setup the VPN, but I am unable to ping. I tried with disabling the firewall, but I am still unable to ping/use Remote Desktop Connection.

How can I solve it?

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When you say 'Using the Windows 7 computer" are you talking about connecting to it (W7 is acting as the server, W8 is the client) or the other way around? Is the office computer running windows 7 or windows 8? Is the office computer you mention either one of the aforementioned machines or is this a 3rd computer? When you say office I am assuming you mean a computer at a remote location (at work perhaps?). I am also going to assume that since you said "I am able to setup the VPN" you are referring to a computer at a remote location - but you really need to clarify if you want help. –  Richie086 Dec 2 '13 at 22:46

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