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Active desktop for Windows 7 (Vista)?

Does anyone know how to install it on Windows 7\Vista?

Has anyone seen analogs? Is there such thing for mac\Linux?

Has anyone just seen any browser which can work under icons of desktop?

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Windows Vista and 7 do not include Active Desktop I believe. The closest thing to it is probably Ave's DesktopSites:

alt text

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this doesn't even work well with all pages. it messes them up. can't downvote – ocurro Oct 24 '12 at 0:10
Does not work with Win10 – Peter Rader May 24 at 20:52

I'm using Snippage to add live web pages to my desktop via Adobe AIR. works great.


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It is limited to specific sizes – Peter Rader May 24 at 20:52

You can create your own Windows gadget to show a web page on the desktop in Windows 7. It's not much more complicated than creating a simple web page using Active Desktop. You create your web page and an XML document to go with it.

The only caveat I found is that you need to define the width and height of the body tag in your HTML so that Windows displays the gadget using the correct pixel dimensions.

There's certainly no need for 3rd party applications! Here's Microsoft's explanation of the XML file that needs to accompany your HTML.

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This was true back when you wrote it. Starting with Windows 8, the Windows Sidebar and its Gadgets are gone just like the Active Desktop. – IInspectable Apr 7 at 10:05

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