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As far as I can remember, Microsoft Word used to switch to Heading 1 when you pressed Ctrl+Alt+1, Heading 2 when you pressed Ctrl+Alt+2, and etc. But I have noticed it doesn't do that anymore.

Is this something in Word, or could it be another program conflicting?

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Strange. According to Microsoft's Quick Reference Card - Up to speed with Word 2007:

Shortcuts that start with the CTRL key (for example, CTRL+C for copy or CTRL+ALT+1 for Heading 1) remain the same as in previous versions of Word.

This is also carried out by a quick test I did with Word 2007 - the hotkey still works.

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I have a german edition of ms word and I have to use alt+1 for heading 1

Also, you can assign your preferred shortcut for a style (which you can store in your file). Maybe, you accidentally changed it.

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I figured it out. I forgot I had set up Winamp to use Ctrl+Alt+1 to Ctrl+Alt+5 to rate songs. I guess this was conflicting. I removed the global hotkeys from Winamp and it works again.

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