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I have an iMac with a fusion drive as hard drive. Over bootcamp, I have installed a Windows 7 next to MacOS for my daily windows tasks.

Now time has come and I realized I run out of space in windows (And cannot resize easily due to the fusion drive, there are no tools available yet). So before I uninstall, resize bootcamp partition and reinstall windows entirely, I am curious if I can get rid of another downside with my setup: Windows runs pretty slow as it can not take advantage of a fast SSD. [Well slow in terms of, I know it could be way faster]

What I would really like to have is to have an SSD put into an external cage and plugged in via USB 3.0 to the iMac and boot from this if plugged in, otherwise use Mac. As far as I understand, Windows cannot run easily on an external device. However, Windows 8.1 seems to offer Windows To Go in the enterprise version. I have no problem getting an Enterprise Licencse, buying a SSD and a cage and put things together, but I would like to know if this works out at the end. I don't want to have an expensive enterprise license if there is no advantage for me.

Has anyone of you successfully used such a setup? If so, can you point out for me which steps I have to take and in which order? Or do you have any other hints how I can have a windows installed on a SSD in my iMac?

Note: I really need to have Windows physically installed on the disk and not having a VM running with windows in it. I do graphics programming and depend on OpenGL >= 4.3 which Mac OS does not offer at all, but Windows on iMac does.

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