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So here is our situation, we are a small company with limited resources. The routers we use does not support firmwares like DD-WRT or things like that. And our switches are not managed switches, they are normal switches.

The problem we are having is that we can't monitor our network traffic because of our limited resources, so what I have is mind is to setup a network gateway (or something) on our server. Something like put a network card on our existing Windows Server 2008 machine, connect that card to the switch and connect the current Ethernet port to the router, and monitor and manage all the traffic running through the network card or something like that (LAN and wireless)?

So my question is that, is this possible? If it is possible, what software do I need? What is the best software for us?

Note: We don't want to buy a seperate PC to install smoothwall (or any other this kind of software) and keep the computer open just like our server, because we have very limited resources.

Thank you.

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You won't need any software for that. In Windows you can bridge your internet traffic from one card to the other and provide DHCP-services along the way (Right-click on the internet-connected card and choose Bridge Connections). Now you can use your favorite monitor-software to monitor traffic on either card (with monitor software like Wireshark but software recommendations are actually off-topic here on SU). – Rik Nov 12 '13 at 15:19

There are freeware programs you can use to monitor network traffic:

  1. WFilter free

  2. PRTG

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