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Presently, we have more than 25 servers in our network and we check the event logs for each server once in a week to find out events related to application, system warnings, errors etc. This task takes lot of time of our IT team. Is there any utility from Microsoft to monitor the event logs of all servers on a centralized place and we can get an alert as and when any critical event occurs. I also searched for some paid tools on Google but I am bit confused in selecting the best one. So, if anyone in the community using a particular tool for event log monitoring can also share their suggestions.

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Check all the events from all your servers through out the network through Eventviewer by using appropriate powershell or you can go for ant event log monitoring tool like Solarwind, Lepide log Monitor, splunk etc

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Hi Tom, Thanks for your response. Actually, I am searching for a good third party tool for exact and quick solution. I will check your provided tools. Thanks. –  user273704 Nov 14 '13 at 4:49

Actually there are quite a lot tools out there both paid and free. take a look at zenoss core. Its open source and they have VM appliance that u can download and fire up pretty quick. it can monitor everything including logs,services,disks,process, its a little quirky to begin with but once u get the hang of it u won't look back.

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