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In Firefox I have grown rather dependent on the Alt+Mouse-scroll-wheel. It makes the number of lines scrolled with mouse to be at a much higher factor.

E.g.: about:config

mousewheel.with_alt.delta_multiplier_y = 600

I'd say in 85% of my scrolling the speed-up is used. Scrolling with normal speed seems like running under water. But, of course sometimes it is what one want/need.

And, yes, I also use PageUp/Down, etc. but that is beside the point.

Question: Is there some similar functionality for Google Chrome?

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Somehow I did not manage to find this one, but it surely solves the issue.

Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller.

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I have made this for myself and for everyone who need it :) Download my Chrome extension "Smart Mouse Wheel" :) Now mouse wheel+Alt wheel scroll 3 times faster, how I like :)

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