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On windows I can double click a word and then drag the selection, which does a by-the-word selection change. It's a lot easier to select areas of text like this as you don't need to absolutely get your mouse cursor to the start of the word you want, just someone within the word in fine.

How can I replicate this functionality on OSX? Double click and dragging does nothing and I'm getting fed up of having to finely position the mouse cursor to select text.

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You simply need to hold Shift while selecting to make the selection use complete words.


  • double click a word
  • hold Shift
  • click another word
  • the word you just clicked is included as a whole
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FYI, if you wanted to select a more random selection, e.g. halfway through one word to halfway through another word, then click once at the start position (appears to do nothing) then follow steps 2–4 as above. –  user535673 Nov 16 '13 at 17:29

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