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I am not sure this question fits in this site. If not, I apologize.

In my office, AT&T changed the Internet service from DSL to U-Verse. When we used DSL, we got one static IP. But U-Verse comes with a dynamic IP. So they gave us 8 static IP's (5 usable).

I don't understand how the 2 public IP ranages work together. Do I abandon the dynamic IP and stick to the 8 static IP's?

I turned on the public subnet and assigned our web server a static IP. But I couldn't access the web server reliably. Sometimes it works and other times it couldn't find it.

My ideal situation is that the web server (located in the office) is accessible via 192.168.1.x (private ip) and alos via xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (static public IP). I am not sure if this is possible.

I'd appreciate if you share your experience.



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This is really something AT&T should be answer. What you do really depends on your setup. –  Ramhound Nov 15 '13 at 19:36

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