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I'm trying to set up a Ubuntu 12.04 VM using Hyper-V in a Windows 8.1 host. It runs mostly fine, except that I can't get the internet to work well. I've followed the instructions at http://blog.credera.com/technology-insights/microsoft-solutions/using-your-windows-8-wireless-connection-inside-hyper-v/, and my configuration is:

Settings for VM

Network settings

When I boot up the VM, I see Wired Network (Digital Equipment DECchip 21140[FasterNet]) device not ready:

Wired Network (Digital Equipment DECchip 21140(FasterNet) device not ready

Clicking "Wired connection 1" just results in the icon repeatedly blinking and showing the animation it uses when trying to acquire internet access. I had originally tried using the "Network Adapter" rather than the "Legacy Network Adapter", and the internet worked sometimes, but only for 2-3 minutes at a time. However, I can't seem to recreate that state now (I don't get internet access even if I have the configuration as follows):

VM Configuration

I also tried using an "External" network rather than an "Internal" one, which created a bridge in my network connections, but that resulted in not having internet connectivity on the host.

How do I share my wireless connection between Windows 8.1 and Hyper-V Ubuntu 12.04?

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Try manually bringing up the file by means of the following command sudo ifconfig eth1 up && dhclient -v eth1 –  MariusMatutiae Nov 16 '13 at 10:31
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