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I am looking for a good, professional quality video viewing package. I have tried Intervideo but it hung my mouse the last time I tried it, and in general it seems to be pretty unstable.

Usually I use WinDVD, but I have the following complaints about WinDVD:

  • disables the native Windows ability to take a screenshot
  • grays out the screen shot button on many DVDs
  • "clip" functionality only lets you take cut down, low resolution screen shots
  • "clip" functionality stores the image as a GIF
  • forces you to watch video lead ins, FBI warnings, title screens, etc, all controls grayed out during these leadins
  • no low-level access to the contents of the disk or file
  • phones home (very bad, do not like this)

From perusing a lot of boards, many people seem to think WinDVD is still the best, but if there is professional software that gives me absolute control over DVD contents and lets me do things like take full-resolution screen shots I would like to know what it is.

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MPC-HC or VLC. You may also care to install the ffdshow codec pack.

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