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I have a notebook running Windows 8.1 and its VGA port attached to a KVM switch for sharing an external LG 1920x1080 monitor with other machines.

I can extend the Windows 8.1 notebook desktop to this monitor successfully. However, when I switch the KVM to another machine outputting to the external monitor, the notebook resets its display settings to its single, built-in display. So I have to repeat the extended desktop settings when switching back to the notebook.

Attached to the same KVM is a Windows 7 notebook which does not have the problem - switching away from this machine does not cause it to reset to its single built-in display.

Can you advise on the setting to force the Windows 8.1 notebook to remember the extended display settings when the KVM selection is to another machine?

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You need to put a VGA-EDID emulator between your notebook computer VGA output and your VGA KVM switch. The issue was caused by your KVM switch can not keep feeding the display's EDID information to your Windows 8.1 notebook computer.

An EDID emulator can work like a monitor to feed EDID information of your monitor to the computer system, so your system will "think" the monitor is still connected when your actuary switch away to other system via your KVM switch.

The other solution will be upgrade your KVM switch which support Full-time EDID feeding function. However, this solution will be more expensive than just adding one EDID emulator.

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