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In a huge and diverse music library there are albums of the following two types:

  • Consisting of media files and a CUE file (most of the albums are of this type)
  • Consisting of media files only

For various reasons, I prefer to work with the CUE files in foobar2000:

  • they are quicker to process for the playlists and the library browser,
  • sometimes the tags are available only in the CUE files and not in the media files they reference.

But, obviously, I cannot ignore the albums lacking the CUE files, so I have to use both media and the CUE file types for the foobar2000 library.

However, if I tell foobar2000 library to "Restrict file types to *.flac; *.ape; *.cue" it creates two albums in the library for the 1st type albums: one for the media file(s) and another one for the cuesheet.

Is there a way to tell foobar2000 to Use " *.flac; *.ape " only when no " *.cue" is available in the folder?

The closest solution I thought of was to standardize the library to always have a CUE for each and every album and then restrict the foobar2000 library to "Restrict file types to just *.cue".

I even wrote a Perl script to create the missing cuesheets for all the albums. However, I am yet to find an easy way to automatically populate the auto-created CUE's with the tags from the media files.

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I don't know of a way to restrict foobar2000 as requested. But have you looked at CUETools, which might solve your question about auto-created CUEs with metadata? Allows you to create CUE sheets from an album image or bunch of tracks. – ccmcgregor Jan 1 '15 at 21:13

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