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I have a file named SYSTAG.BIN in my operating system root folder - what is it? is it safe to delete it?

(couldn't find info about it on google)

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The file SYSTAG.BIN is created by AOEMEI Backupper, a free backup tool for Windows. I had installed "AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition 2.0.2" recently and noticed this file created. This file appears to be used to uniquely tag a system for its System Backup functionality.

The copy found on a system contains mostly zeros.
There was a 32 bit int at 0x004 and this was repeated at 0x200. 

An additional 2 bytes were non-zero at 0x209 and 0x20A (assumption of bytes due to alignment).

The file size was 0x400 bytes.

My file had hashes:
CRC-32: b12606aa
   MD4: b137ac9768f55bb26fb34812bdb5febe
   MD5: ec528ffc0334ee95494e8d31763ccf7d
 SHA-1: bee535bf535d322512d42ed304bb268b17766553

It is highly unlikely that the readers copy of this file will match, as each file is a uniquely system tag as the filename would indicate.

As this was a top entry for the search string "SYSTAG.BIN". I hope this comes in useful to someone!

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So if I delete this file would I have any problem when I want to perform a system restore from a AOMEI backup file? Can it be deleted safely? – BornToCode Aug 30 '14 at 20:25
b.t.w I has also a AMTAG.BIN file created by AOEMEI Backupper at the root of the OS drive. – BornToCode Jan 16 at 21:24

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