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I recently downloaded Vuze (torrent client), which as well as installing itself, installs a whole bunch of rubbish toolbars (mostly by an outfit called Spigot) and tries to change your default search engine to Yahoo!

In Safari and Firefox, I've managed to change it back but in Chrome, although I've deleted all the addons and restored my default search engine when ever I open up Chrome I get two tabs 1) my default homepage and 2) Yahoo! search page.

Where can I disable this Yahoo! search page? I've looked in the settings but could not find anywhere obvious (I've set back my default search engine to Google and deleted any add-ons) but this still doesn't do it.

My last resort is to do a factory reset of Chrome, which I don't want to do as I have all my settings in there.

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Having just written this i found the answer, under settings > on startup > set pages.

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Uninstall the tool bar and search engine by simply going to Install a Program in you computer settings and search for 'yahoo'. Then uninstall both the tool bar and the search engine.

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Check your extensions (menu>tools>extension). If you have Yahoo search engine installed, disable or delete it. Some of the Yahoo extensions come from applications that you have installed. I got this from an application (not sure what one) that I installed. It can take a while to find.

Maybe in a certain case it can be solved by a different solution. My solution is better, because it prevents the issue from happening again.

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