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I have been trying to edit the .plist for Outlook 2011 (v 14.3.5) to change the default font. I can successfully change the default font using Outlook > Preferences > Fonts, but that method will not allow you to select a font of a specific weight (in my case, Calibri Light) because it is a subset of the general font.

I have used TextEdit and, after that failed, TextWrangler to edit the .plist in Library > Preferences > com.microsoft.Outlook.plist, as a separate thread had suggested. I am changing the HTMLWebPrefsIdentifierWebKitStandardFont string from the standard Calibri to Calibri-Light. (I also tried Times, Helvetica, and Verdana, just to make sure it wasn't the font I was inputting that was the issue.)

So, here's how it goes:

  1. I close Outlook (and Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  2. I edit and save the .plist
  3. I open Outlook, and
  4. the default remains Calibri and the .plist is rewritten to reflect that fact.

There is an interesting little temp plist file that shows up immediately after I open Outlook, and I am concerned that it may be the culprit. It is named com.microsoft.Outlook.plist.#####, where the #'s are a string of random characters, seen here.

Does anyone know why Outlook keeps rewriting my preferences and how I can stop it from doing that? Is there some way to prevent it from generating a new temp plist on startup? Is that even a real thing or have I invented it? I know it must be possible because this fine gentleman was kind enough to tell me that it worked for him (and how to do it).

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