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I recently came to a strange behavior with my MacbookPro, which makes me wonder what could be the main differences in terms of hardware between a PC and MAC (I'm not talking about operating systems, really focus on hardware or low level)

Here is the thing : I was having very frequent crashes, which forced the Macbook to be hard-reboot 'cause the screen just went black and nothing react anymore. I tryed reinstalling MAC OS X, but it didn't change anything.. So I went on and install Ubuntu alone, removing partition table and EFI, and know everything seems to work fine...

It looks like a software problem at first sight, but very strange because reinstalling the operating system didn't solve it ; can it be linked to the partition table or EFI ? Do you have an idea where it can come from ?

I don't to solve the problem especially, 'cause I'm fine with Ubuntu, but as "geek" I am really interested in understanding the problem, and the hardware/architecture differences that could cause it.


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