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I am trying this for over 10 days now, several hours a day.

i have a ubuntu 12.04 server box, no x-server. on this machine runs a ruby application, and a C application, both bought from an external developer.

the application is designed to capture the sound from the physical Mic input and loops it to the physical output of the soundcard.

occasionally, the ruby app plays a mp3 or wave file (e.g. store is closing in 10 minutes). the C app is so designed, that if the ruby app plays a sound file, the physical input get's faded down to a specific sound level, and as soon as the ruby app finished playing the sound level of the Mic input get faded back to its origin.

I have installed moc (music on console) in addition to get rid of the physical input. but to simulate the physical input and guarantee the right behaviour of the ruby and C application, i need to redirect the output of moc (or mpd, if this will work better?) to the physical input of the sound card

i tried several approaches:

  • altering alsa, didnt work.
  • creating seperate softvol controls, didnt work
  • tried pulseaudio, didnt work
  • i tried jack, but i didn't get it to work because of a lack of documentation to suite my case

i tried to write my own .asoundrc configs, but the topic is sooo huge and the documentation is (in my case) not that well, i stumbled on many many problems.

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