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There are many [information]: links. For example, mailto:.

I want to "teach" chrome how to interpret a bitcoin: address, by having it open up[stuff after bitcoin:]

How should I do this?

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I had a similar question, and it seems to be the case that such links have to be registered system wide.

Here is an example for what you want according to Microsoft's documentation:

  • In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT create a new key called bitcoin (or anything?).
  • Modify the (Default) string to say URL:bitcoin.
  • Make an empty string named URL Protocol.
  • Make a new key in bitcoin called DefaultIcon. Modify (default) to point at Chrome's path. (I think this is optional. I also think you can point this at any program whose icon you want. I believe the ,1 in the docs means use the first icon available.)
  • Make a new key in bitcoin called shell, and in shell a new key named command.
  • Modify the (Default) string in command to point at Chrome's path with whatever flags neccessary to launch a URL. The "stuff after bitcoin:" will be in the variable %1. For example:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" "%1"
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