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I want to uninstalll software installed after compiling packages with


and installed with

make install

I am using Linux Mint Debian i know that the software installed using apt can be removed using

sudo apt-get remove {package-name}

But i am looking for a method to uninstall software installed otherwise

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If you still have the original source tree, it might support a "make uninstall".

If not, you'll have to figure out which files were copied where by the "make install", and delete them manually. "make install" scripts generally don't keep any records of what they've installed for automatic uninstallation purposes. (This is why package systems like apt were invented!)

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You have to use an additional tool, like checkinstall, to keep track of what files have been installed.

Make sure to use a different prefix than usual software, so as not to clash, like this:

./configure --with-prefix=/usr/local
sudo checkinstall make install
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