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I am trying to create three key combinations in AutoHotKey. They are

A) Right Alt replaced by Right Click

B) Right Ctrl replaced by Left Click

C) Right Ctrl + Right Alt replaced by Shift + F10

The script I created is:

RCtrl::Click Right

RAlt::Click Left


While Line B is working correctly, A & C are having problems.

Line A is sending Ctrl+Right Click instead of Right Click Only.

Line C is giving and error.

So, please help me fixing them.

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Keywait, Rctrl      ;wait for RCtrl to be released
Click Right

same way, wait for the keys to be released.

RCtrl & RAlt::
Keywait, Rctrl
Keywait, RAlt
Send +{F10}
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Actually U isn't exist in options of KeyWait command. Either: leave blank this parameter or use L letter. –  Grey Nov 30 '13 at 9:31
@Grey Yes you're right . I used U all the time as it was synonymous with D and it worked that way. Will correct the answer –  Avi Nov 30 '13 at 9:47

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