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say -v Alex "Hello"

Is there a way to change the speed of speech like there is in the speech settings of System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Clock -> Customize Voice?

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Yes, there is. The command

say -v Alex "Hello" -r 200

will cause the voice Alex say "Hello" at a rate of 200 words/minute.

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Also, I'd like to point out (with no rudeness intended) that this is easily found in the manpage for say. man [programname] will bring up the documentation for most unix command line applications. –  Victor Wilson Nov 22 '13 at 1:21

There is also an embedded speech command for changing the rate:

say '[[rate 200]] hello'
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Unfortunately, most of the new voices added by Apple since 10.6 will ignore embedded commands for speech rates and phoneme preferences. :( Really annoying, since I love the Fiona voice pack, but she occasionally mis-pronounces some words so horribly that they're unrecognisable. :( –  TwoWholeWorms Mar 31 at 22:30

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