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Problem started today. I can send from email account @msn.com but cannot receive incoming email. I did not change any settings on my account. I have tried to send from different accounts but all email to my @msn.com address comes back with the "failed" message and the "no MX or A records for msn.com" message.

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This looks like a DNS problem on Your sending MTA. Have You tried to send test emails from other providers like Gmail?

# host msn.com
msn.com has address
msn.com mail is handled by 5 mx3.hotmail.com.
msn.com mail is handled by 5 mx4.hotmail.com.
msn.com mail is handled by 5 mx1.hotmail.com.
msn.com mail is handled by 5 mx2.hotmail.com.

# host -t A msn.com
msn.com has address
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Microsoft had a huge DNS failure earlier today –  Sathya Nov 22 '13 at 9:19

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