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In Microsoft Word 2013, I cannot get a list of figures in a table of contents to link to the internal document. It keeps linking to the file through a file:///c:\documents......docx address. This means whenever I publish to pdf, the pdf tries to open the table of contents entry in the word document instead of just going to "figure 5" in the pdf... I have a list of tables that works fine and I haven't been able to pull any format merge tricks.
I can go into edit fields-hyperlinks and remove the address. This leaves something like: #_Toc372849981. That fixes it and changes the mouse-over to read "current document /control+ click to follow" I wouldn't mind doing that a few times but I have 120 figures and if I update the field it resets them all.
I have also tried the web options: Update link on save toggles
that hasn't worked

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