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In Microsoft Word 2013, I cannot get a list of figures in a table of contents to link to the internal document. It keeps linking to the file through a file:///c:\documents......docx address. This means whenever I publish to pdf, the pdf tries to open the table of contents entry in the word document instead of just going to "figure 5" in the pdf.

I have a list of tables that works fine and I haven't been able to pull any format merge tricks.

I can go into edit fields-hyperlinks and remove the address. This leaves something like: #_Toc372849981. That fixes it and changes the mouse-over to read "current document /control+ click to follow" I wouldn't mind doing that a few times but I have 120 figures and if I update the field it resets them all.

I have also tried the web options: Update link on save toggles, but that hasn't worked.

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I recently wrote a paper and came across this problem myself. What i found the problem to be was the labels under your figures. Click on that label, and if a separate text box appears around it, then the pdf will direct to your word document. Delete that label, right click your figure and under "Text Wrapping" select "In Line with Text". Then add a caption, and it should appear as normal text and not enclosed in a separate text box. Update your table of figures and your problem should be solved.

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