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I'm having a bit of trouble trying to commit changes to SVN that are on a mapped drive - the drive is mapped to a Samba share on a Ubuntu (9.04) server.

Here's the error I'm getting:

TortoiseSVN Commit error

I have full read and write permissions on the Samba share:

  • I can modify the file
  • I can clear out the whole directory and do a clean CheckOut from the repository

Here are the relevant settings in smb.conf:

    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    security = user
    map to guest = bad user
    guest account = *******  (standard user)
    usershare allow guests = yes

    comment = Share Comment
    path = /var/www/theshare (permissions: drwxrwxrwx)
    browsable = yes
    read only = no
    guest only = yes
    guest ok = yes

I've searched Google but haven't had any joy picking the right search terms to get any suitable results.

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Looks like repositories checked out onto mapped drives aren't recommended:


The manuals explicitly warn against using network shares for working copies. Especially because of these kind of possible errors.

oh well!


On further investigation, this looks like it could be a bug with using a working copy located on the root of a drive..

I moved the share up a level, and re-mapped the drive so it contains a single directory, which holds the working copy and commits now work!

Hope that saves you some time :o)

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