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It's been a few months now, that I have been noticing the following strange Firefox behavior on Windows 7 (currently running Firefox 25.0.1 and some older versions seem to have the same problem). The problem is, and could be hard to reproduce but if you use it often you might have nevertheless seen this problem), when a firefox window is on top of another firefox window and you load a page in it and the page finishes loading, the firefox window with the loaded page will fall below the one at the back, so that the firefox window that is under it becomes completely visible, and the one that has finished loading the page is now hidden behind this window.

Anyone experienced this same problem and know how to solve it?


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Do you have any extensions installed that could be causing the problem? If so try disabling them one by one until the problem disappears, or create a new Firefox profile. –  Keith Nov 23 '13 at 17:54

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