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Hey guys I am behind the worst school network on the world, set up by the worst IT people on the world. The administrator already excused for all that what's going on, but he told me, he can't change it, as another company did it everything for him. The problems are the ports. The only open ports are 80 (http) and 433 (-s) and nothing but the browser works which is pretty unsatisfying for me, as I work at this school but do a lot of apps in my free time to pay the bills.

I can't update my programs, I can't open steam, literally NOTHING works. When I try to mess around with proxycap, I can set up the 80||433 connection for programs that don't have a proxy functionality, but everything else still doesn't work. So I came to the idea to use Hamachi so I am at least able to play with my mates but not even this works, even after setting up the proxy and setting both, the tcp+udp port to 80.

Basically, the network is like this: User => auth proxy with mschap-v2 on port 80 => Internet

Tell me, if you need any more information. I am programmer, I am not into networking so hopefully someone in here has a good idea.

I am using WIN7 64 bit, but Ubuntu would be ok as well.

I would have the possibility to run a relaisserver in my hometown but this is 3000 miles away from here and would be just way toooo slow.

Using different DNS is possible in that network, maybe that helps a little.

Thanks a lot, Alex

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