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I have my favorite OS (Linux Mint) completely confgured the way i like it. It took me 3 days because i need to customize a lot of things. I currently run it off a USB stick but it performs sub-optimal.

I would like to know if the following thing can be done:

  • Have a linux image on a network drive (cloud storage, S3 or something)
  • Have a USB drive load the image into memory
  • Run the OS completely in memory and cache the data locally on the USB drive

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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You can use NetbootCD, which, despite its name is also provided in a convenient hybrid iso image suitable for a USB stick.

It is programmed to download installable versions of several different OSes from the Net, in the nbscript.sh, but that can be easily modified to download your own version wherever it is stored.

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i have no idea where to get started with this, for example how to make an image from my current setup. I think this thing would only work if it somehow syncs to my image in the cloud. But i don't know if a thing like that is even possible. –  Stephen Nov 25 '13 at 12:32

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