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I keep my bookmarks and other things saved in Google Sync. Please see my settings below. I do not find anything out of ordinary.

enter image description here

However, Google Chrome keeps on replicating two sites again and again in my bookmarks. See one below.

enter image description here

See the entries at the end? There were more than ten of this a couple of days back. I deleted them all. Now there are three.

Some points to note.

  1. The URLs of entries are hundred percent identical at http://www.amarblog.com/. No extra fields or cryptic parts consisting of the &'s ?'s and ='s.
  2. The URL is not locally accessible due to some government restrictions. But this may not be relevant since Google Chrome keeps on replicating another site which is totally accessible.

I am feeling frustrated from this unexplained behavior. I have even deleted this bookmark from one machine, which should delete it from all the machines. But this did not work.

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