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I've set up a connection on my Windows 7 machine at home as a home network. I've then logged into another Windows Vista machine at home and realized that as soon as I enabled discovery under Start -> Network on such computer I could see all files and folders located under C:\Users on my Windows 7 account, and could also create files and folders therein.

At the same time, while from my Windows 7 computer I could see the Windows Vista computer, upon clicking on it no files or folders were revealed.

I don't understand why my Windows 7 computer is exposed in such way. After all I never fiddled around with network settings. How can this be the default? What has happened to network security and how can I fix this?


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Did you activate HomeGroup on Windows 7? Then read this Activating HomeGroup makes all members have access to each others libraries. You can also find there how to limit access to certain folders but if you don't want it you should disable HomeGroup. How Vista got access to the HomeGroup is puzzling (HomeGroups is only for Win7+). Maybe you shared the folder normally too. And if you've never "fiddled" with the network settings you shouldn't even have a HomeGroup !! –  Rik Nov 25 '13 at 20:37

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