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I need to set an automatic reply for being out of the office. I want the reply to go to people both inside and outside my organization, but I do not want it to go to listservs.

I could set up individual rules for each listserv, but I subscribe to about 20 of them, and I'd rather not waste that kind of time. (Don't worry; I don't read them all daily. Rather, I search the folder that they are in for relevant information, and then clean out emails more than 30 days old at the end of each month.)

Is there another way to do this? If I, say, added all of the listservs to a contact group, could I then set the automatic reply to respond to emails from outside the organization, but also set a rule to NOT send the reply to senders in that group?

The problem I see with that solution is that I currently have rules for these listservs to go into a 'listservs' folder. If I use the automatic reply and then set a rule, it looks like I should choose the 'do not process subsequent rules' checkbox in order to prevent automatic replies from going to addresses in that contact group. But I do want Outlook to process the rule of moving those lists into a specified folder.

Perhaps another approach would be to set a rule in automatic replies so that emails from any address in that contact group are moved to the listservs folder, but I leave the 'reply with' box unchecked. Would that prevent replies from going to emails in that contact group?

Has anyone figured out how to do this, and tested to make sure it works properly? Thanks for your help.

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