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I've set up Windows 7 for high performance; and now some corporate web-sites have very weird-looking fonts.

After using for one such page for an unrelated cause, I noticed in its progress report that something along the lines of a web-font being mentioned as downloading.

And yet the resulting page on doesn't have any weird-looking fonts, probably because they didn't save any such fonts in the end.

Looks like most of these web fonts are not designed to be usable without anti-aliasing in place. How do I disable such broken web-fonts from being used in my SeaMonkey?

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Not sure how to disable the broken ones, or if they're all broken, but to disable all of the downloadable fonts, toggle gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled from true to false.

Warning: this seems to break github somewhat, because they display all of their icons through the characters of their downloadable fonts.

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