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I want to create a taskbar icon which toggles the visibility of the desktop icons. If I click it while desktop icons are shown, they must disappear. If I click it while they are hidden, they must appear.

I think there is a way to do this using commands written in plain text form. Any help is appreciated

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I think your confused with the "Show Desktop"-shortcut. This will show the desktop when you have Windows open. The Hide/Show Desktop icons can't be toggled with a simple notepad/test-file. You can follow the instructions in this topic so this would actually a duplicate question of that. (There is a way to hide the icons with a registry-file (.reg) but that's not a toggle) – Rik Nov 27 '13 at 8:22

I think there is a way to do that using commands written in notepads

You can write C and C++ using Notepad.

SHGetSetSettings takes a pointer to a SHELLSTATE structure. SHELLSTATE has a fHideIcons member:


Type: BOOL

TRUE to hide desktop icons, FALSE to show them.

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