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We have several power issues in our house like :

  • Occasionally loosing bulbs (in two holders, the light bulbs went out two times. If we put a new one, it will go out after several days. One went out with a loud pop).
  • The router getting stuck (we have IPTV and its getting terribly slow. Gets stuck every second) when one computer is switched on (Have two computer. My dad's PC is giving the problem)
  • In my room when I turn the dial of the fan, sometimes my monitor flicker and even turn off for a second.
  • Sometimes my speaker give a loud buzzing noise.
  • If we keep my dad's PC turned off for several hours and switch it on, the monitor won't work. No display. But if we turn it off (have to keep pressing the power button for several seconds to turn off) and turn on again it will work.

Many electricians checked it but none found a solution. Today we checked the two UPS devices of the two computers. We kept the UPS and the computers running but unplugged the ups from the wall socket. We put the tester to the UPS plug's three pins. Except for the earth pin, both the other pins gave out current! When we unplug both the computer and the monitors, the current went out. It happened with both the UPS devices. Please note that these two devices are completely different. (Different brands). The computers are also completely different. We even checked the earth (ground) of the house and its working perfectly. We even have a separate lightning conductor!

  1. Can someone please explain what is going on in the house?
  2. Is the UPS current issue normal or is it the cause of all these problems?

Please help us. We are really desperate. No idea what is going on!

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In the US this would be strongly symptomatic of a bad neutral connection between the power pole and the house, and a competent electrician should have found it. If you don't already have one, find a voltmeter (stores in the US sell some for about $5-10) and check the voltage at several places around the house. The voltage shouldn't vary from one place to another by more than maybe 2-3 volts, and in the US should be 110-225V. Where you are it may be that or may be 210-230V. Don't know about the UPS thing -- likely you're seeing "leakage current" and it's nothing to worry about, though. – Daniel R Hicks Nov 26 '13 at 12:26