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I have started using the ZenMate extension for Google Chrome, it is amazing at hiding you from the web by (1) encrypting your traffic and (2) by hiding your ip.

My only concern is that how safe is it? I do online banking and other sensitive things. Do I need to be worried about ZenMate stealing sensitive data? I tried Googling bad reviews, but unfortunately everywhere I looked, it's been given 5/5 rating!

I thought about Incognito mode in Chrome, but ZenMate is running in that aswell. I can't turn off the extension in Incognito...

Any ideas?

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Okay, so after using ZenMate for almost a month, I have had no issues with it in terms of security flaws. However, to prevent sensitive information being keylogged or stolen by ZenMate (in case it does this), I use another browser (IE) for banking and other sensitive activities. I also have Kaspersky Internet Security, which provides a "safe" browser that I use.

So ultimately, use ZenMate without risk, but for extra-sensitive activities, disable ZenMate, or use another browser.

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