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I'm a newbie in python coding but currently trying to learn it.

I'm trying to develop mods for a program which uses python as its main language. I can already compile mods for it but they are very simple at the moment because I can't open original python files for advanced classes. I tried to decompile those pyc files with uncompyle++ and pycdc but I can't uncompile them because they appear to be obfuscated.

When developing one of my mods, I noticed in the debug logs that the program decompiles running python files into "scriptsdec\" folder in plain "*.py" files. That folder can't be found with explorer when running the program so that folder must be somehow virtual. I also don't know the prefix of that folder path.

Could someone help me access that folder. I think that I could compile a mod that could access and output that folder but I can't figure how to manage that in python.

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