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I have been experiencing hardware problems for a little while now and would like to know what the problem is exactly.

What usually happen is while playing a game, my computer will freezes and I'll have to restart it manually.

Earlier today, it froze again as usual and I decided to take a look inside my case.
I noticed my GPU (GTX 460) was hot as hell and the fan wasn't working.
However, everything else in there worked perfectly fine.

So i restarted it, installed HWMonitor and loaded a game.
The temperatures went from 44celcius to 70celcius instantly.

So, i closed the computer and reapplied thermal paste on the GPU.
It didn't do much, the temperatures were still the same afterward and it kept freezing.

Is my GPU dead?

By the way, i reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday so it can't be virus or driver related.
It would do the same thing 2 weeks ago.


I've found the problem while monitoring my temperatures and playing a game.
The problem is, my fan's speed doesn't adjust or at least, it won't go above 30% of it's capacity.
So, the card keeps getting hotter and hotter and eventually, the GPU stops responding to prevent damaging itself.

In conclusion, the card is defective but, there's a way around it called MSI Afterburner.

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If the fan isn't spinning at all, or cuts off after it is asked to spin up to a certain level, then it is defective and needs to be replaced. It is possible to get it repaired, under warranty or otherwise, but the specifics depend on how much you'd be required to pay to get it repaired (if anything), vs. the cost of just buying a new card. The answer to this should be obvious: you can't use your GPU without the fan working. If you're able to boot to Windows, your GPU isn't "dead". Voting to close -- this is not answerable without us being physically there with your GPU. – allquixotic Nov 26 '13 at 21:48
I hope you know by apply your own thermal paste is very possible you have voided your warranty on the card. – Ramhound Nov 26 '13 at 23:29
@Ramhound Yep well, i won't be needing a new GPU after all. NVIDIA's driver was preventing my fan from exceeding 30% capacity. Good old NVIDIA trying to scam their consumers by faking defective hardware.The sad thing is, it's a widespread issue amongst 460GTX users right now. – 32dfjas239lfdfre Nov 26 '13 at 23:51

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