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Is it possible to point the domain address to one place and the subdomains to another place?

For example: -> ->
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Yes, although, to do it, it might vary because there are so many different domain providers. You just need to add A Records to the domain DNS settings.

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Yes, you can point any level of domain to any IP address. -> -> -> ->

However, you cannot point to a folder like

DNS will only map names to IP address, and knows nothing of webservers or folders.

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Yes, this can all be modified by whoever does DNS management for your domain.

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For the way you are looking to run things, it's not really a DNS issue(@Paul got it right):

  • DNS will only resolve a name ( to an IP address or another name. It doesn't do anything with ports or directing to a specific part of a web server.

  • Apache / IIS / whatever web server you use reads host names when the user requests a page, and gives the browser the page that is correct for the URI it's requesting.

You can use a DNS service like DNS Made Easy, which will do the web redirection for you, but using your web server is better.

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