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Can anybody explain the difference between the Microsoft Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 in terms of hardware and software features?

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Arm (Windows RT - a handicapped windows that only allows app store apps.) vs Intel (Windows 8.x - it's windows... So whatever can go on a normal computer can go on here, also has access to the store).

Battery consumption, ram, performance. Just look up the specs sheets side by side.

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avoid surface. Buy surface pro 2 instead. – Jim Thio Jun 4 at 16:03
At this point I'd actually get the more recent version (at least a 3, but preferably a 4) as they fixed the aspect ratio, among other various improvements. – nerdwaller Jun 4 at 16:05
I can get used surface pro 2 for $400 :) And I rarely use laptop because I have nice desktop. But yea, thanks. – Jim Thio Jun 4 at 16:06

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