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I'm trying to list all applications installed that are displayed in the add/remove programs list (WinXP/Win7) via command-line. I understand that for Win7 it's called "Programs and Features" from the cp.

I've tried wmic but that only lists programs installed using MSIs. I've tried quering the registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall & also wow6432node).

I still can't trap Spotify (good exampe); it appears in the add/remove section but not in these locations.

Any thoughts?


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It looks like this can be done from the wmic command
Try this:

wmic product  

Shows a list of everything installed on the computer

This page says it's for Windows Vista and 7, but I have tested wmic on Windows XP as well
Get list of installed applications from Windows command line

Also, this page explains that the method of checking the registry entry may not be accurate

Here is some more information on what else can be done using wmic:
From this website, specifically for your problem:

The program can also provide details on many other aspects of your system. Commands like:

wmic product list brief

wmic service list brief

wmic process list brief

wmic startup list brief

will list your installed software, services, running processes and Windows startup programs, for instance.

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