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So I am aware that the GT720m can handle resolutions a lot higher than 1366x768. - up to 2560x1600. My laptop is coming with a 1366x768 as it's native and max resolution due to the display/led hardware they are using. The Lenovo U530 has 2 types of displays, one that is 1366x768 and the other is 1080x1920. the Lenovo Canada website only has the 1366 gimped models.
So my question is, will the video card (GT720M) on the laptop perform better at a lower resolution than it would on a 1080 resolution??

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I am guessing no one knows the answer to this? Or is this (superuser) the wrong site to ask? – Tom G11 Nov 29 '13 at 14:00
It might take longer then 2 a few days to answer. In the end we cannot really predict the performance of a laptop we don't have access to. The card might support it, if the display does not, then the higher resolution is only important for external displays. – Ramhound Dec 2 '13 at 12:15

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