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I use a PPPOE broadband connection , my laptop connects to the wifi router and my android phone also connects using pppoe app but I can use internet in any one of them. Each device has a seperate PPOE connection setup.

Using the bridge mode , hangs the router and I have to reset it each time:

I tried follwing your instructions for my similar in2net connection which uses tikona like setup. In the interface grouping section on clicking save my router hangs, any ways even without any settings only one of the devices(android phone with pppoe) or my laptop connects . I am unable to simultaneously use both my device using this same router. I connect the ppoe lan cable to the lan port and a ppoe connection helps me connect to the intenet both on my lappy and the android device.

So how can I simultaneously use internet on multiple devices?

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Just undo all the nonsense you've done and set everything up normally. Get rid of the PPOE configuration on the devices, set the router in its normal mode and configure PPOE on it. And so on. (The router's not hanging. Your incorrectly configured device just can't reach it because it's configured incorrectly.) –  David Schwartz Jan 17 at 11:12

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