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Is there a FREE text editor for WINDOWS that can be set to save the current file after any changes or every second or faster?

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just curious, why do you want it to save every SECOND? – mpen Nov 9 '09 at 20:46

You can use Notepad++ with some customized scripts.

For example, this forum post gives a sample script.

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I would suggest you try Notepad++. I would imagine a macro-esque or script-based implementation should do the trick.

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Ctrl-s to save. That should speed up saving considerably. Saving every second is overkill though, and may slow down your performance.

If you are not working on code, Google Docs has a pretty frequent autosave.

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nvPY and ResophNotes both automatically and continuously save and sync any changes to disk and online to simplenote.

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you could probably get a script for Vim, Emacs, or another programming editor

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