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I am trying to configure my windows portable git bash shell. When I execute env I get:

ANT_HOME=C:\Program Files\WinAnt
VBOX_INSTALL_PATH=C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\
PAL:DRIVELETTER=H   **** this is the variable I am after  ******

The variable I am trying to reference is PAL:DRIVELETTER=H. I want to use this set my path in my .bash_profile script. This is all on a USB stick and the drive letter will of course change from time to time.

I have tried echoing:


and numerous other things.

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The problem is that PAL:DRIVELETTER is not a valid variable name in bash. Only alphanumeric and underscore are allowed. From the bash man page:



name A word consisting only of alphanumeric characters and underscores, and beginning with an alphabetic character or an underscore. Also referred to as an identifier.

To get the value:

pal_driveletter=$(env |grep "^PAL:DRIVELETTER=" | cut -d= -f2-)
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